„Zombigeddon” is a dynamic and surprising scenario game in which the participants face a serious question: what should you do when a relaxing integration trip becomes an apocalyptic fight with zombies? The scenario provides both great fun and an opportunity to develop group cooperation and planning skills.


  • Group size: 5-45 people
  • Form: indoor/outdoor
  • Duration: 3-6 hours


Benefits for the team:

  • intriguing plot that guarantees original entertainment
  • development of group cooperation and planning
  • mini-diagnose of team members special skills

ZOMBIgedon combines elements of a scenario game and adventure trip. The plot begins as soon as participants are on their way – The bus is stopped and disinfected, while the participants learn about a dangerous virus threatening nearby surroundings. The brave participants get to their destination  with no more obstacles and the training starts accordingly to the agenda. Suddenly, the meeting is interrupted by a strange alarm. The participants are warned about nightmarish creatures roaming about the hotel grounds! This is when the main part of the scenario starts. Their goal is to contain the spread of the dangerous virus that converts people into zombies. In order to do so, they will have to delegate smaller operational teams to do specific team-building tasks, collect information and and solve the mystery surrounding the epidemic. At the very beginning the team prepare themselves for effective tasks completion: they undergo a basic competences analysis​in order to find out more about each other and accomplish given tasks to the best of their abilities.