We treat each project individually by suiting every elements to client’s needs.
Our long standing experience learned us how to create events with special care about participants. See how course the project which co-create amazing, unforgettable and effectiveness company meetings:

1. First contact and getting to know your needs

No matter if you are preparing an event for 10 or 500 people, contact us to present your expectations and ensure that company goals and your comfort will be achieved. Not only will the location of the event be important, but also type of the team, training and fun balance, the language of the event and other important details that we will ask you about.

We will be more than happy to meet you in person or via online meeting, however if you prefer e-mail or phone contact we will gladly adapt to your needs.

2. Our first offer

After familiarising with your needs, our team creates a preliminary draft of the project with a few alternatives for you to choose from.

Then we present it to you in an offer with an estimated budget

3. Feedback and final offer

We realise that choosing the final project implementation often envolves several decision makers. Therefore we are always open to feedback coming from all interested parties and to modify the offer so it best meets your needs.

4. Confirmation and preparations

After you choose your option, we sign the contract and start making arrangements. Prepearations time depends on complexity of the project. We have prepared short “ad hoc” projects in just two days. We also have experience with preparing huge events or series of projects that takes as long as few months to prepare.

From this point on, you are being looked after by one of our Project Managers, who will help you with stress-free preparation and project implementation that ensures the participants’ great time.


Project Manager and a team of trainers will ensure that the needs of participants and sponsors are not only met, but greatly exceeded.

After the event, according to our agreements you will recieve the evaluation survey results and other agreed materials. A smile and a “thank you” from your colleagues is a gift you can surely expect while working on a project with FunHunters!

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