Case study – AT MEDIA – measurable results of teambuilding



Diagnosis: At the end of the year, the team was in a difficult situation, there were changes, new challenges posed by the Management Board for the new boss, as well as two new, inexperienced managers who took over two sub-teams.
We started with the diagnosis of the situation in the team using the on-line tool, which confirmed that the team sees itself more as a working group (which, according to the Team Effectiveness Questionnaire), is the lowest form of organizing a good team) and all parameters, especially team relations, require development. The team struggled to communicate, trust, cooperate and appreciate its diversity.

Solution: Together with the trainers, we have adopted the following action plan:

2-day trip – teambuilding training, where we worked on cleaning the atmosphere, building the foundations for further functioning and strengthening the role of 2 new managers. All in the form of a scenario game “Special Agents Training”, in an addictive and loose form.

Cyclical workshops (once every 3-4 months) in the form of Expresso Training, i.e. 3-4 hour sessions held at our headquarters, which focused on the development of the following skills:

communication (mainly team norms, communication under stress and crisis situations)
giving and receiving feedback
The workshops were conducted by trainers with great commitment, in an interactive and varied form – with a lot of exercises and the possibility of practicing specific skills in a team, as well as elements perfectly suited to generation Y (the majority of my team), i.e. games such as Fog over Europe, which was the culmination of cycle and received the highest ratings in the polls.

Results: At the end of the cycle, we measured the effects again using a similar team development questionnaire. The results of the project significantly exceeded expectations – from the level of 157 points (workgroup), the team reached the level of 226 points (authentic team), and the greatest increase was recorded in the team relations parameter.

The change is obviously noticeable in the team, which communicates and supports much more effectively, which in turn translates into its higher efficiency and the achievement of ambitious goals that have been set before it.