Fun Hunters arose from the great passion of the founders. Since 2005 we have been pursuing training and integration projects with an equally huge passion. Our team consists of trainers from different areas of specialization: psychologists, animators, passionate games, filmmakers. This diversity is our strength which makes our meetings or trips original and unique. We ensure they have a positive mood which we gladly infect the participants with.



We focus on a narrow field of training and integration activities aimed at improving and developing teams.


We carefully examine the needs and EVERY program is tailor-made. The training convention may be similar to ones we have already carried out, however the exercises, games and special attractions used are always a response to the client’s needs. We deliver projects in both Polish and English.


Thanks to scenario games, you can accomplish many goals at the same time from great fun, which is a reward for employees, to making the team aware of the specificity of working in a group or the principles of effective communication. After the training, the client receives a report on the strengths and weaknesses of the team and its needs.


We use original solutions and training methods from scenario games to little-known in Poland and successfully used worldwide treasure hunts, adventure trips, murder mystery games which respond to the increasing participants reluctance both towards stationary training and cliché integration meetings.


We infect with optimism and laughter – positive mood defines of our every trip. We equip participants with original souvenirs and gadgets (shirts for teams, hats, awards referring to agreed theme). We provide training records (videos, photos) documenting unexpected participants transformations which lead them to cry … with laughter! Check out the Photo Gallery.

We can prepare a several-hours outdoor fun activity as well as a few-day training game. It’s all up to you…




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