Circus of the Emotions

Circus of Emotions is a unique online teambuilding game that embraces an extremely important topic in a light and accessible form. Can emotions be an ally in the professional field? How to use them? How can they help us? The Circus of Emotions tries to answer these questions using the history of the circus troupe.


Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of the old days and the atmospheric retro style of our virtual escape room! A mysterious, abandoned and full of secrets house arouses curiosity. Under the dust, there is a surprising story that participants will learn step by step.

Treasure Hunt

Digital City Game – Urban Gaming is a search-adventure combined with a treasure hunt that participants discover thanks to the mobile application.

Odwrócony Escape Room

To okazja by zintegrować maksymalnie dużą liczbę osób w jednym miejscu. Zadaniem grupy jest znaleźć właściwy trop i rozwiązać zagadkę zaginionej grupy podróżników w Amazonii.