• Duration: 3h
  • Number of participants: up to 100
  • Form: Online
  • A captivating criminal plot with a certain degree of complexity, realistically presented and stimulating creativity
  • The colorful characters of the script played by the actors (recordings, films and videoconferences) with whom the participants interact.
  • Surprising twists guaranteed!
  • A unique combination of a virtual escape room, scenario game and team building exercises!
  • Transforming the developed aspects during the task into practice – trainer discussions of all tasks.

“Secret Agents Trainings” is a scenario game that combines criminal intrigue with online team building tasks. We invite participants to participate in a secret program of recruiting agents from among business staff, where they play the role of investigators and overcome new online challenges.


Thanks to the exploration of the escape room and hints from suspects, players will learn the plot step by step!

The participants are divided into groups of 4-6 people who search the house of prof. Kostrzewy – Escape Room. The found evidence and clues help them in the next part of the meeting – the interrogation of suspects in the case!

Zoja, a massage therapist with emotions, Czesław Ogrodnik and Assistant Teresa – these are our trainers and actors. They invite teams to a variety of tasks practicing communication, task division and online collaboration. Each of the characters is also interviewed by the participants. During the ending, the mystery of the professor’s disappearance is finally explained!