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  • „Rollercoaster” – engeenerial team-building

    „Rollercoaster” is a training-engeenerial game in which the team divided into smaller groups work in order to achieve one common goal. The challenge they face is to build a complex and spectacular construction. In the meantime, in creative atmosphere, the teams develop resources, time and roles management skills.

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  • Escape gaming

    The group’s task is to find the right trail and solve the mystery of a lost group of travelers in the Amazon. Each group gathers around the backpack of one of the missing members of the Amazon expedition.

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  • Urban Gaming

    Digital City Game – Urban Gaming is a search-adventure combined with a treasure hunt that participants discover thanks to the mobile application.

    During the game any city turns into a board game in which the participants move around and discover the history, culture and a whole lot of interesting facts about the places they visit. Groups meet challenges by answering questions by taking creative photos and recording videos.

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  • “Special Agents Training” – scenario game with a criminal hint

    “Special Agents Training” is a scenario game that combines a criminal intrigue with team-building tasks. In this scenario we invite the participants to take part in a secret program that recruits agents among talented business staff. The participants are tasked with completing a number of feats that will test their cleverness, physical condition and – last but not least – sense of humour.

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