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  • Superheroes! – digital teambuilding

    Today’s world cannot exist without technology. The same applies to teambuilding projects! We are introducing unique project where the team buidling happens in two worlds – virtual and real one. It is not only team cohesion event , but also an excellent opportunity to familiarize the team with modern digital technologies.

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  • Urban Gaming

    Gra Miejska Digital – Urban Gaming to prawdziwa przygoda połączona z poszukiwaniem skarbów, które uczestnicy odkrywają dzięki aplikacji mobilnej.

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  • “Movie Day” – film project

    Is there an easy way to travel 11 thousand kilometers and have an amazing adventure giving you the backstage look at the inner workings of “dream factory”? Turns out that „Movie Day” project gives you this exact opportunity. Its participants will take on the roles of film crew members and produce their own movie creations.

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  • Lip dub – company video clip

    „Lip Dub” gives an opportunity to present the company or organization in a unique way. During the event the participants film their own video clip to a chosen song. This way an original, dynamic and creative „visit card” of the company is created.

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  • „The Billionaires” – evening competition

    „The Billionaires” is  an interactive game based on a popular TV show in which – to become the winner – one needs to know a lot about their colleagues, company and its details. It is a perfect idea for a break in a conference, interesting addition to a company meeting or an evening attraction that excites, engages and surprises.

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  • „Rollercoaster” – engeenerial team-building

    „Rollercoaster” is a training-engeenerial game in which the team divided into smaller groups work in order to achieve one common goal. The challenge they face is to build a complex and spectacular construction. In the meantime, in creative atmosphere, the teams develop resources, time and roles management skills.

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  • Choice of inspirational workshops

    Choice of inspirational workshops is an option for groups which would like to recieve additional inspiration or skills useful both in work enviroment and everyday life. Taking part in the workshops gives the participants an opportunity to get inspiration and get to know each other in new way. Choice of inspirational workshops takes individual preferences of participants into calculation. Before the project even starts, each participant can choose what activities they would like to participate in, with the use of on-line platform.

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  • “Special Agents Training” – scenario game with a criminal hint

    “Special Agents Training” is a scenario game that combines a criminal intrigue with team-building tasks. In this scenario we invite the participants to take part in a secret program that recruits agents among talented business staff. The participants are tasked with completing a number of feats that will test their cleverness, physical condition and – last but not least – sense of humour.

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  • ZOMBIgeddon

    „Zombigeddon” is a dynamic and surprising scenario game in which the participants face a serious question: what should you do when a relaxing integration trip becomes an apocalyptic fight with zombies? The scenario provides both great fun and an opportunity to develop group cooperation and planning skills.

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  • Bombastic PRL – atmosphere from Soviet times

    Many Poles recall the time of PRL with a hint of nostalgia. Nonetheless only few would really like it to come back. In our scenario game it will fully depend on the participants whether it will happen. Will the brave team prevent the PRL from spreading across Poland again?

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