This scenario game takes the concept of time travel as its main Focus. Time-lost travelers who found themselves in our times will require help of the participants in order to return to their proper time periods.


  • Group size: 5-45 people
  • Form: indoor/outdoor
  • Duration : 5 hours – 2 days

Benefits for the team:

  •  integration
  • engaging plot
  • various challenges

Participant find themselves in a place exhibiting strange time-based anomalies. Unexpectedly, they are suprised by the appearance of characters from different time periods. None of them have even the slightest idea of how this curious situation came to be. They only have two things in common: they are somehow connected to the mystery of time anomalies, and they really want to go home. What made a slavic warrior, napoleonic officer, or Gestapo man-in-black appear in our times? Answer to this question will come to light only if the participants succeed in completing an assortment of tasks. The schedule can contain dog-pulled sled riding, creative cooking and construction challenges among others.