„The Billionaires” is  an interactive game based on a popular TV show in which – to become the winner – one needs to know a lot about their colleagues, company and its details. It is a perfect idea for a break in a conference, interesting addition to a company meeting or an evening attraction that excites, engages and surprises.


  • Group size: 15-80 people
  • Form: indoor
  • Duration: 1,5 – 2 hours

Benefits for the team:

  • Getting to know each other better
  • Integration and strengthening bonds
  • Great fun in an interesting form

Our game „The Billionaires” is very similar in its form to a very known television quiz show but it is a team version. What does it mean? All the participants of the game are divided into smaller groups and a whole team – after sometimes a long discussion – gives answers to the questions.

What is unique about our “The Billionaires” are the questions – always customized and devoted to the company’s people, history, products or values. When one of the team is answering the questions, all the rest is the audience and plays  the key role when the lifelines are used. What will the participants and the audience do when the question is about a childhood dream of somebody present in the room?