Sometimes it seems like your so far excellent team developed a strange illness. The workers walk around the office with no sign of smile, nobody engages in discussion while drinking morning coffee and even simplest tasks seem to be daunting and time-consuming. In such moments remember that there is somebody who can help you – it is time for the Team Doctor.


  • Group size:  5-30 people
  • Form: indoor
  • Duration: 0,5 – 1 day

Benefits for the team:

  •  „The illness” diagnosis with tools such as  Teamsoziomapping, Team Development
  • An opportunity to discuss team problems in safe atmosphere  with trainer’s help
  • A unique recipe – creating a repair plan for the team

Short workshop description:

Prior to the workshop the participants fill in one of our on-line tools Team Development Questionnaire or Teamsoziomapping TM , which let us specify the most “infected” areas. The most
common team dysfunctions are: lack of trust, fear of conflict, lack of engagement or care for results and the underlying reasons might be various.  Thanks to its dynamic and open form the workshop helps to understand the diagnosed dangers and create a common and accepted by all recipe – a plan for development.  Our trainer – the team doctor – supports the team with useful tools, moderates the discussion and makes sure that the atmosphere during the meeting is both safe and constructive.

The final effect of the meeting is an Action Plan or a Set of Rules which will allow the team to implement the agreed solutions after getting back to their workplace.