How to motivate people, organize work, deal with small problems and the budget in small project teams? Welcome to our team manager work simulation!


  • Group size:  6-20 people
  • Form: indoor
  • Duration: 1-1,5 days


  • interactive form of developing effective leader behaviour patterns not only in terms of managing projects but also motivating the team and organizing its work
  •  an opportunity to observe the consequences of taken actions and receive immediate
  • education through experience and exchange of good practices between the participants
  • great team-building tool – playing Simultrain enables the team to improve communication
    and cooperation patterns

What is Simultrain?

We invite you to test yourself in a playable demo!

Simultrain is a simulator applied in trainings on project management developed by a Swiss company STS. The simulation has been developed since many years, it has been played by more than 95.000 users from more than 50 countries, in 18 languages.

During the game the participants are challenged by a number of situations and problems that usually appear in the process of project planning and realization. Thank to Simultrain they can observe the consequences of their decisions in real time. Moreover they can track the changes in the costs, budget, general plan and people factors. The simulator applies modern media – the participants receive phone calls, e-mails, reports which creates a realistic project management atmosphere and engages the participants.

Methodology and Requirements

The participants divided into 3-4-people groups play a simulation and make every decision as separate teams. It makes it possible to compare their results, learn the best practices form others and makes the whole workshop more dynamic. The trainer introduces the simulation to the participants,n moderates the game and the summaries of is stages by giving feedback on their performance – taking into account both: their results in the game and cooperation.

The workshops are for those who have just started to manage projects as well as experienced project managers who want to check their skills. The difficulty level of the game might be precisely adapted to the participant’s skills level.  The game Simultrain is also a great tool for a wise team-building with educational elements – creating plans or motivating are skills used not only in project management but also needed in everyday work – and the game itself gives a lot of satisfaction and is highly entertaining.