That is an innovative formula based on the idea of “switch” i.e. swap of roles in the client service process. The participants have an opportunity to take on the role of both: clients and hotel staff. Our workshop is a unique opportunity to experience the influence of client service on the level his satisfaction.


  • Group size:  10-20 people
  • Form: indoor
  • Duration: 1-2 days

Benefits for the team:

  • Honing the client service skills (both external and internal) through experiential learning
  •  The realism of the situation – the workshop is based on authentic experiences
  •  An opportunity to take both perspective – client’s and client service’s
  • Unusual form of workshop that teaches with fun

Short workshop description:

Imagine a small,cosy hotel where you’re going to have your training.  At the very beginning you notice that the manager who welcomes you is strangely similar to you colleague from the bookkeeping department, who couldn’t join you because of some illness.  The receptionist bear a resemblance to Asia from the marketing department who couldn’t come because a business trip. It if weren’t for hotel boys so similar to the guys from administration you would think that it is nothing but a strange coincidence… That is how our client service skills training begins.

The participants divided into two groups experience the client service situation from two different point of view – client’s and hotel staff’s. Their tasks will include answering phone calls, meeting short deadlines, intervening sudden crisis and answering changeable client’s needs. And – last but not least – approaching  the conflicts that might appear within the team.

Some of the task appear naturally by themselves, some are generated by the team and the trainers, who design them accordingly to the participant’s „real” everyday work tasks.  The workshop is intertwined with traditional training modules where the participants discuss the undertaken actions with the trainer, work on best solutions and ideas that might be implemented in every day practice at work.