Today’s world cannot exist without technology. The same applies to teambuilding projects! We are introducing unique project where the team buidling happens in two worlds – virtual and real one. It is not only team cohesion event , but also an excellent opportunity to familiarize the team with modern digital technologies.


  • Optimum groups: 20 – 200
  • Form: indoor / outdoor
  • Time: 4-6 hours

Benefits for participants:

  •  Practicing the skills of communication and co-operation both in the real and digital world
  • The opportunity to explore the exciting possibilities of the form and functionality of modern tools and digital platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and additional functionality of new technologies and applications for tablets and smartphones for example: QR codes, augmented /virtual reality
  • Implementation in game tools used in the company for example Webconferencing platforms, e-learning systems

“Superheroes” is a game scenario linking the plot of a sensational team-buildingtasks in the field and the tasks demanding the use of contemporary digital tools. In this scenario, participants are invited to embody the roles of superheroes and to address the challenge of saving the world from a real enemy – a madman running in two parallel worlds (real and digital) called Digital Man!