„Sangria Factory” is an innovative form of team-building that combines wine preparation, competition and fun. It could also be a great start of an evening party.


  • Group size: 20-100 people
  • Form: indoor/outdoor
  • Duration: 1,5 hour – 2,5 hour

Benefits for the team:

  • boosting creativity and eagerness to experiment
  • team co-operation development
  • great fun with a hint of competition

The event starts with a short presentation about wines – the culture, most common tastes and aromas. After that the culinary-integrational part begins – whole group is divided into several teams that take on the roles of different wine factories. Every teams goal is to prepare the best Sangria with the lowest budget and most attractive marketing campaign – there are three prizes to be won!

Every team receives the same amount of money, which they can spend in a special shop led by our facilitators. They buy fruit, spice and juices – all necessary products to prepare their beverage. The resources are limited! They will have to make both quick and wise decisions in order to succeed. While some of the participants devote their time to wine production others design the marketingncampaign where the team’s creativity is the only constraint: they can dance, sing or prepare attractive posters. So many different skills are needed, everybody will find something for themselves: negotiation, manual, culinary and aesthetic talents – all are necessary.

The game creates a great opportunity to get to know each other better and have fun while a little competition makes it more dynamic and boosts motivation to achieve goals.

After the game is finished all teams can drink their Sangria – the tastier it is, the happier they are.