The workshop is based on a widely known Meredith Belbin’s Group Role Theory. It will give you clear answers to questions such as: why once started projects are not always finished? Who should engage in some kind of tasks and who shouldn’t? Who is able to take on the role of the boss and give a public speech?


  • Group size:  5-30 people
  • Form: indoor
  • Duration: 0,5 – 1 day

Benefits for the team:

  • An opportunity to watch group dynamics based on members team roles
  • Determining weaknesses and strengths of the team in the missing roles context
  • Improving communication and shortening the time needed to realize a task, make a
    decision or reach an agreement
  • Getting to know the rules on how to build an effective team
  • Improving the cooperation within the team by deeper understanding of the variety of team roles
  • Individual report for every participant and a report on team relationships for the team leader

Short workshop description:

This workshop is based on widely known Belbin’s Team Roles diagnostic tool. The team fills in the inventory before the workshop and subsequently, during the team activities, gets acquainted with its specific character defined in terms of team roles.

This tool makes it possible to get a clear image of the team and its skills, weaknesses and strengths. Itshows the way every member’s strengths contributes to the effective development of the whole team.  It also provides the information on where the group needs support in order to thrive and create a “win-win” situation. It creates perfect conditions for efficient and productive team cooperation and developmental plans in terms of missing roles reinforcement.

The workshop will also give you answers to questions such as: why some started projects are not always finished? Who should be engaged in certain tasks and who should not? Who can substitute for the boss in a sudden situation demanding a public presentation?