Are you thinking of a different vision of an integrational trip where there are unexpected twists awaiting the group at every turn and nothing is for sure till the very end? Our adventure trip is a perfect solution!


  • Group size: 5-35 people
  • Form: indoor/outdoor
  • Duration: 1-2 days

Benefits for the team:

  • engaging plot
  • team-building and integration
  • fun and surprises at every turn

Short game description:

„The Exorcist” is an adventure trip during which the participants travel across Poland while trying to solve a mystery. They meet intriguing characters on their way – disguised Fun Hunters trainers who take on the roles a hitchhiker, local artist or Sasha, a Russian vodka smuggler. The group is involved in an engaging plot and carry out a number of tasks such as artistic painting, bloodless safari or rickety amphibian driving. The program is tailored to best fit the client’s and team’s needs. Would you like kayaking combined with an off-road excursion and a luxurious party on a swimming pool like in Hollywood? No problem!