Is there an easy way to travel 11 thousand kilometers and have an amazing adventure giving you the backstage look at the inner workings of “dream factory”? Turns out that „Movie Day” project gives you this exact opportunity. Its participants will take on the roles of film crew members and produce their own movie creations.


  • Group size: 5 – 60
  • Form: indor/outdoor
  • Duration: 3 – 8 h

Benefits for the team:

  • strenghtening the idea of teamwork and helping others
  • building positive motivation, energy boost
  • improving team managment skills

Participants will work on creating their own short film. Taking advantage of provided costumes, props, and make-up supplies they will be able to bring their own, unique scenario to reality. To make things more challenging – the film will have to satisfy producer’s demands. The team will be tasked with capturing scenes of dynamic chase sequences, creepy horror shoots and group scenes, to name a few. This project is a great field for enforcing team values and mission, team building tasks intertwined into script will strengten bonds inside the group, and the resulting video will make a great testament of team’s creativity!