„Lip Dub” gives an opportunity to present the company or organization in a unique way. During the event the participants film their own video clip to a chosen song. This way an original, dynamic and creative „visit card” of the company is created.


  • Group size: 40-500 people
  • Form: indoor/outdoor
  • Duration: 1,5 hour – 3 hour

Benefits for the team:

  • Boosting creativity & self expression
  • Developing cooperation
  • Dynamic and fun

Presenting the company as a team with a common goal

The participants task is to create their own video „visit card”. In smaller teams they work on the scenario, choose costumes and accessories and learn the lyrics of the song. It can be done only through an effective brainstorming! One of the important factors is the detailed planning of every participant’s actions. The final effect of the works is one video clip. The camera-man takes a single unedited shot of all the arranged scenes. In order to achieve an attractive result it is crucial that the teams cooperate!

The video is show to the participants just after its creating (and adding the soundtrack) or given to the client on CD. It is both a great visit-card and reminder of fun moments spent together.