Have you ever talked with a representative of the youngest generation called “generation Z” and wondered how it is possible to read a newspaper, listen music, write a column and chat at the same time? “They” can do it.

Current 40-year-old workers generation belongs to the generation of people who usually used to do all these things separately. The generation of so called “X-es” had different priorities, was more attached to a particular job and employer, to certain rules set by the corporate environment and worked years for their success.

A new era is coming, or actually has already come. Is the era of young people who set their priorities according to their Leeds, they have passions and want to foster them. At times, a morning coffee on the way to work is more important than arriving punctually at 9.00 (8.00 is out of the question) and going on holiday to visit some friends in Spain one month after the beginning of the internship is nothing extraordinary to the “Y-es”.Then how to motivate average representatives of the “generation Y”, how to set goals to be achieved, how to talk and listen?

We want to tell you that!


  • Group size: 10-60 people
  • Form: indoor/outdoor
  • Duration: 0,5 – 1 dzień

We will teach you:

  • understanding the new generation’s way of thinking
  • their language (do you know what CU2, WTH, B5L8R, ttyl, Idk, j4f, B4, Str8 mean?)
  • how to identify the values of a particular generation
  • who cares about work-balance and what it actually is
  • how to motivate the youngest to work and let them develop

The workshop program includes interesting and very diverse forms of training: discussions, role plays with elements of drama, brainstorming sessions and even so called aquarium, among many others.
The workshop is planned for 8 hours but the acquired knowledge and skills will be bearing fruit for many years.