Training decision game “Fog over Europe” is based on the idea of learning through experience and thanks to the dynamic formula is more exciting for the participants. During the game, they can test and deepen their management skills in the  VUCA world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Ambiguity, Complexity). The game illustrates the need to break the organization’s silos in order to achieve a common goal


  • Optimal for groups : 5-50 participants
  • Form: indoor
  • Time: 0,5-1 day

Benefits from the game:

  • To familiarize and test in practice the model of effective management in the VUCA environment
  • Recognizing the benefits of cooperation between teams and pursuing a common goal instead of the particular interests of groups, Counteracting siloses
    in the organization
  • Learning through the experience of strategic planning and resource management
  • Shared and satisfaction of the internal and external client
  • The ability to provide developmental feedback
  • Elements of agile leadership – tools and good practices

A strange, dense fog appeared over the Europe, which caused a total paralysis at almost all airports, preventing aircrafts from taking off and landing. It so happens that Poland is the only place free from fog to which all people’s hopes are turned for.

All of the large airports are already full, and in the sky there are still plenty of airplanes. The only hope lays in small towns with limited resources and not fully adapted landing sites.
Will the crisis teams together with the mayors manage in this extremely demanding situation?