If you crave adventure and fun challenges among the scenic backdrop of unique landscapes, this one is for you. Biking, kayaking, on a horseback – during the scenario participants will travel by an array of different means of transportation, trying to solve the mystery of blacksmith Vassilij and his lucky horseshoe… The team will walk in the footsteps of the folk tale, finding the wilderness in their hearts!


  • Group size: 10-60 people
  • Form: indoor/outdoor
  • Duration: 4 hours – 1 day

Benefits for the team:

  • integration and fun experience
  • engaging plot
  • various challenges

According to a local folk tale, the plot the hotel was built on used to house a belarusian blacksmith named Vassilij. He was not only respected for his trade, but also taking a role of local healer and oracle. Near the end of his life, just before the outbreak of World War II, he was said to create a lucky horseshoe, which according to the tale, was supposed to grant great fortune to the owner. During the war, german intelligence learned about the artifact and tried to acquire it, but it was not found. It proved to be too well hidden by Vassilij’s descendants, and continues to be hidden to this day. There are a lot of rumours surrounding the treasure. It is said that it can only be found by a person, who has wilderness in his heart.
Maybe you will be the ones who find the grain of truth in the rumours and find Vassilij’s lucky horseshoe?