Choice of inspirational workshops is an option for groups which would like to recieve additional inspiration or skills useful both in work enviroment and everyday life. Taking part in the workshops gives the participants an opportunity to get inspiration and get to know each other in new way. Choice of inspirational workshops takes individual preferences of participants into calculation. Before the project even starts, each participant can choose what activities they would like to participate in, with the use of on-line platform.


  • Group size: 40-300
  • Form: outdoor/indoor

Benefits for the team:

  • contents chosen by participants
  • diversity of the topics, good occasion for taking on new hobbies
  • opportunity to relax and take a break from everyday grind


Our list of example workshops is rich in diverse topics, from sport-focused to ones pitching in the trend of slow-life:

  • relaxation methods workshop – methods of stress release
  • DYI workshop  – do-it-yourself session
  • yoga session – how to find your balance
  • salsa in the nutshell – both for beginner and advanced dancers
  • visual thinking – how to create stunning flipcharts
  • growth mindset workshop – how to open your mind for growth
  • personal brand – how to create better image of yourself
  • colorful runs – unforgettable ten kilometers
  • bike trip – outdoor game on bikes


And that is only the small part of what we can provide as a part of choice of workshops. Each session takes about 2-3 h, in groups of 10-30 people.