Many Poles recall the time of PRL with a hint of nostalgia. Nonetheless only few would really like it to come back. In our scenario game it will fully depend on the participants whether it will happen. Will the brave team prevent the PRL from spreading across Poland again?


  • Group size: 5-60 people
  • Form: indoor/outdoor
  • Duration: 4 hours – 1 day

Benefits for the team:

  • integration
  • intriguing plot
  • various challenges

Short game description:

After arriving at the hotel the participants find out that something is definitely wrong. The lunch consists of rather appalling sausages , the hotel staff is not really welcoming and there is a shady guy trying to sell dollars. Soon the team is warned that there are bombs planted at the hotel – old Soviet system with all its absurd situations and characteristics will spread across the region if they explode. One of the bombs has already exploded and some of the people have been infected which explains their odd behaviour. The participants will need to solve a number of tasks, somehow get information from the hotel workers and disarm the bombs –  unless they want PRL to reign in Poland again.