This is not another cooking lesson! This dynamic workshop combines cooking with managerial skills training – delegating and team-work organizing among others.


  • Group : 5-30 people
  • Form : indoor/outdoor
  • Duration: 0,5 – 1 day

Benefits for the team:

  • an opportunity to act as a manager of a part of the process and as a team member gaining a number of specific skills connected with teamwork organization and the delegation of tasks
  • receiving a quick, developmental feedback on one’s way of functioning in aforementioned
  • roles – both from the group members and the trainer getting to know interesting meals and cooking techniques under the guidance of an expert
  •  one of the widely known chefs and cuisine passionates

Short workshop description:


That is not another cooking lesson! This dynamic workshop adopts the form of a culinary lesson in order to hone leadership skills: assigning tasks and organizing teamwork, among others.

In small teams made up of a few people, everybody, one by one, will have a chance to manage the process of preparing a meal. Earlier, the coordinator of a particular meal receives the information on how to prepare it. While dividing and assigning tasks the coordinator will have an opportunity to test themselves in a teamwork situation, under time pressure and different communication challenges. Everybody will also receive feedback from the team and the trainers.

How to manage a team effectively? How to assign tasks and solve emerging problems or implement changes? How to work efficiently under time pressure and in crisis situations?

The participants of this unique workshop will find answers to the above mentioned questions. When working as group of chefs of an exclusive restaurant they will train the skills necessary for effective management in both safe and authentic conditions.

This workshop creates a great opportunity to have a deep look at the way the team functions under time pressure and task overload conditions. The participants have a chance to develop individual communication, tasks assignment and team management skills.

The workshop is led by Fun Hunters trainers and professional chefs. We cooperate with Grzegorz Łapanowski, Kuchnia TV and Dzień Dobry TVN presenters or Jerzy Sobieniak – a chef who leads Pytanie na śniadanie broadcast among others.