Are you on a hunt for something inteligent and integrating for a large group, but you only have an hour to spare in a tight conference schedule? 60 minutes is a dynamic teamwork-based game where the task is to escape from a conference hall and assist other groups in doing the same!

60 minutes is a teamwork-based challenge which will not only be a good intermission that helps the participants reset, but also improve relations among team members.


  • Group size : 50-300 people
  • Form: indoor
  • Duration: 45 minutes -1,5 hours

Benefits for the team:

  • learning information about other departaments’ members
  • enforcing the idea of working for the bigger goal
  • prevention in forming of “silos”
  • having fun in randomly chosen teams

Short description:

The game is offered in 3 variants – themes that we choose according to the client’s needs – catastrophic – epidemic, science-fiction – prison facility or fantasy – game of thrones style.

Each theme guarantees accordingly themed props and animators in the roles of charactersemphasising given theme. Regardless of the chosen scenario, the end goal remains the same – solve a series of challenges in 8-10 person randomly picked teams in order to escape the conference hall. Success in the scenario can be only accomplished using teamwork – both inside groups and across different teams.